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Season 2012 U19 National league
Season 2012 Senior NL + Div 1
U19 National team 2011
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Junior bowl and Mermaid bowl
Farum park 2011
Season 2010 U19 National league
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EFAF: Game review by Mads Bonde
Farum Park 2010
Season 2011 U19 National league
Season 2011 Senior National league
EFAF 2012
U19 Play offs: SGD vs. Guardians.
U16: Play offs: SGD vs. Rebels
U19 Play offs:Towers vs. Raisorbacks
Play offs: Towers vs. SGD
Mermaid 2012: Raisorback vs. SGD
Junior Bowl:Towers vs. SGD
EFL: SGD vs Roosters
U19: Denmark vs. Finland
Preseason: SGD vs. Rostock
NL: SGD vs Stallions
U16: SGD vs. Rebels
U19: Towers vs. SGD
EFL: Wolverines vs.SGD
NL: Rebels vs. Raisorback
NL: Rebels vs. Swans
NL: Towers vs. SGD
EFL: Vikings vs. SGD
NL: SGD vs. Aalborg
U19: Rebels vs. SGD
NL: SGD vs Hurricanes
NL: Razorbacks vs. SGD
U19: Towers vs. SGD
U19: SGD vs. Rebels
NL: Towers vs. Razorbacks
NL: SGD vs. Rebels
NL: SGD vs Towers
Play off: Razorbacks vs. SGD